Yahoo Says Ads Will Become More Intrusive

from the how-nice dept

Well, this is just great. A representative from Yahoo has explained how the company is trying to push for more premium service fees as well as more intrusive ads. I can almost understand the service fees side, but the fact that the current intrusive ads annoy their users, it seems a bit stupid to push for more intrusive ads. Wouldn’t it be much smarter to come up with more targeted ads that users actually find useful? I guess that’s too much work. Instead, they’re just going to piss off as many users as possible, and convince them to go elsewhere. Probably not the greatest strategy.

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Comments on “Yahoo Says Ads Will Become More Intrusive”

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The mad Accountant says:

Re: And ...

Really big and really stupidly spent! I have done a personal non scientiffic poll over the last 3-4 years among cusomters friends and acquaintances – exactly 2.5 people have made a purcahse through banner ads (or their brethren pop-whatevers). Need I say more? The ads simply don’t work. It looks like some marketing guy has the board snowed that traffic can somehow relate to sales. Same old saw – same old result – chapter 11 for x-10!

David (user link) says:

The uselessness of Yahoo...

I haven’t used Yahoo in about a year or more – the directory is way out-of-date, the ‘sponsored links’ are annoying, you have to scroll way down the page to find what you want, and there are, as you say, far too many adverts. And with engines like Google bringing so much more precision to simple searches, there’s very little point to go there anymore.
Having said that, my e-card site still gets more visitors referred from Yahoo than any other search engine.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Not a still will lose.

Unfortunatley some websites “require” javascript in order to run. Once you turn on javascript you see the requirement was for the ads. Check out ad-subtract (pc-only). IT’s pretty good at filtering all the pop up/under nonsense as well as taken ads off the page. Occasionally it will mess with the formatting of a page though. That pretty rare though.

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