Now You Have To Pay To Send eGreetings?

from the great dept

There goes another free online service. Just as more and more people are thinking about sending anthrax-free electronic holiday cards instead of those crazy paper ones, American Greetings has announced that they’re going to start charging an annual fee to anyone who wants to send online greeting cards at any of the sites it runs, including, Blue Mountain Arts, and eGreetings. I wonder who would actually pay for this? I mean, this is the type of thing that really only makes sense as a free service, and it’s easy enough to build. So, there’s no reason why people will pay when they can just use a free alternative. Hell, why not just install your own greeting card system on your own site?

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Comments on “Now You Have To Pay To Send eGreetings?”

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David (user link) says:

Charing for e-cards? Mad...

This is just plain silly. There are so many good free e-card sites (may I mention the excellent Postcards from Prison?) that charging is wildly out-of-kilter with the whole spirit of the thing. I set up my card site in late 1995 for the love of it. After paying hosting fees and the like, I think I’ve made precisely -$100 on it all. E-cards are fun, not a money-making experience!

Two comments in one day, after never posting a comment here before… keep up the good work, Mike.

thecaptain says:

This will go the same way as pay webzines...

…there are too many free alternatives which are JUST as good..if not BETTER.

There’s no real way for American Greetings to add enough value to their offerings compared to a free site (or MANY free sites) to justify charging even a SMALL fee.

Heck, even if there were NO free sites available..what’s stopping you from firing up Paint Shop Pro, grabbing a .gif or .jpg and making your OWN card? Nothing…

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