Can E-Commerce Still Be Fun?

from the who-needs-fun? dept

Do you want e-commerce to be a fun experience? Apparently, that’s what many online retailers are struggling with now. It used to be that everyone loved adding annoying and stupid gimmicks to their websites to try to keep customers shopping. However, now, they’ve realized that most shoppers want to get in, buy, and get out, as fast as possible. Some, though, are still trying to add in fun elements to try to put people in a buying mood. I think there’s a place for “fun”, but I’m not sure it’s when I’m shopping…

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Comments on “Can E-Commerce Still Be Fun?”

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1 Comment
Tech 'n Artist says:

Shopping as fun is subjective

I usually enjoy shopping. Except for groceries and clothes I am buying more and more online. However, I don’t want to be hindered by a clunky web site.

1. Select items, add them to the shopping cart.

2. Make a running total, including the overpriced shipping and “handling”, easy to see.

3. Checkout quickly.

4. Give me a shipping tracking number.

I can even live with the state sales tax as long as it isn’t excessive.

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