First Music Subscription Service – Does Anyone Care?

from the would-you-pay? dept

I’ve been ignoring stories all weekend and through the morning about’s new subscription based music service, but finally decided it might be worth posting, just to mark the date that it happened. Now, the question: who will actually sign up for such a thing? Anyone who can use any of the free services, that give you more options and more music would be crazy to start paying $6-$10 a month to get limited music that only can be streamed. Are the companies offering subscription services in denial? Or do they know something we don’t know? Or do they really believe that they’ll shut down all the free services? My vote is for denial.

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Comments on “First Music Subscription Service – Does Anyone Care?”

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1 Comment
stankydanky says:

A proven failed business model..

So what happens when you accumulate a list of streamable songs and suddenly the price goes up to $100 per month? Its pay up or loose it all! I’m not dragging around a pc to listen to streaming audio, those poor dialup users will surely get frustrated having to buffer audio over a slow connection. Good luck

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