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from the too-bad-it's-not-for-me dept

Someone in the UK is starting a petition for better broadband in the UK. Not clear what good it will do, but dammit, I want a petition for better broadband in Silicon Valley. For the record, in the last 10 months alone, I’ve attempted to get broadband from the following companies (none of whom are still offering it): Northpoint, Rhythms, Sprint Fixed Wireless, and Metricom. I’m now getting my broadband from AT&T@Home who are supposed to turn it off this Friday. You would think that in the center of all this tech innovation I’d be able to get a decent broadband connection. You’d be wrong, apparently.

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Comments on “Broadband Petition”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Could be worse

Well, right now, I’m a little more worried about not being able to use the “credit” they granted me after they accidentally charged me $170 for the “free” installation they promised me. Apparently a good portion of that was for a new “cable jack” that they didn’t install… all they did was change the face plate on the current one.

MLO says:

What About Earthlink??

Seriously, I’ve been using their service for coming up on two years now, and other than the three week outage (which was reimbursed by the way), I haven’t had any complaints

Oh wait. I’ve got one. To get an actual human being on the line for tech support will cost you anywhere from 1 to 3 hours of your time. I kid you not.

But at least they are in business. I’d rather wait the 1+ hours than to have no broadband at all.


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