Want To Smell Like A Computer?

from the oh,-please,-no... dept

It seems that a perfume company has tried to capture the smell of a freshly opened computer box and put that into a perfume. No, I don’t think it’s a joke. I also don’t know what they’re thinking at all. At least they’re only making 5,000 bottles of the stuff. I’m also not sure if it’s for geeks or people who want to attract geeks, but somehow I don’t think either group would be very interested in the stuff. As some of the people in the article say, this is pretty obviously a marketing gimmick. Too bad DigiScents went out of business a while back, or they could have teamed up and always made sure your computer had that fresh “new computer” smell.

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Comments on “Want To Smell Like A Computer?”

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Ed says:

What are they thinking?

The noxious fumes that many new consumer electronics devices (not just computers) outgas when new are really vile, and possibly harmful. So much so that I wouldn’t be surprised some day to see some regulations. I once had a top-of-the-line VCR which would stink up the house each time I used it for the first several weeks I owned it. We already have manufacturers touting their Energy Star logos and the post-consumer recycled content of their packaging material. It’s time to get them to compete on making their gadgets smell the least, rather than encouraging those smells.

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