Silicon Valley Thinning Out, But Still Plugging

from the um,-thanks dept

It’s fun to see what people who aren’t from Silicon Valley think of it. I’ve been in NY for the past week and a half or so and everyone wants to know if it’s “as bad” as they’ve been reading (of course, if I was back living in NY again, I think what’s going on in Silicon Valley would be the last thing on my mind, but…). So, here’s an article from the Philadelphia Inquirer telling local residents there what’s “really” going on in Silicon Valley. As far as I can tell, they seem to think that work is still happening, but people are more depressed. I’m not sure how true that really is. I think some people may be more depressed, and some people may be a lot more stressed out, but overall, it really doesn’t seem that bad. People are glad to see a lot of the ridiculous stuff go away (far away), and most people I know seem mostly happy – even if they’re not planning out which BMW to buy next. There are just fewer crazy parties to go to. I never did like most of those parties anyway.

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