Interview With Clayton Christensen

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Most management theorists have very little of interest to say. Don’t lump Clayton Christensen in with that group. It’s amazing how much stuff he’s said has been right on the money, time and time again. His most famous “theory” of course, is that of disruptive technologies, which many people talk about today (though, it seems few really understand it). In this interview he talks about how he originally came up with the theory and also talks about various anomolies to the theory. He also discusses HP (past & present) suggesting that their current path isn’t such a good idea. I tend to get worried when I completely agree with someone (as I’m afraid it means I’m buying whatever propaganda they’re selling, and I’m not thinking critically enough), but so far, he seems dead on to me. If anyone has any theories on why he’s wrong, I’d like to know them…

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