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I spent the afternoon today visiting a good friend of mine in NY. She and her husband aren’t the most computer savvy folks out there (yes, I have friends like that), and so after we determined that their 4.5 year old Pentium 150 MHz machine really was on its last legs, they sat down and went through the advertisement packets that came with their Sunday newspaper and asked me whether or not the various deals were worthwhile. I tried to explain to them that they could go online and research a lot of this stuff, and even buy it online, but they were content with these paper circulars advertising all sorts of deals on cheap computers. It seems that scenes like these have been experienced by folks at online shopping companies as well, as many of them are starting to put advertisements in local Sunday newspapers to try to entice shoppers online. I don’t know if it will really work. The people who tend to focus on the pullout ad sections seem like the type of people who want to go to a store… but who knows. Update: Now eBay is getting into the game and will be sending out Sunday inserts for this week’s paper. I’m not exactly sure how you advertise eBay offerings in print, since they’re all constantly changing auctions, but eBay thinks they know what they’re doing…

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