Tim Draper Tells Everyone To Get Back To Work

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Venture Capitalist Tim Draper (who’s been accused of never funding a really successful company) has a weird column over at News.com. It rambles a bit about how no one should have taken the day off on September 11 because that’s what the terrorists would have wanted. He then goes into this whole thing talking about how a good venture capitalist invests on gut feeling instead of deep analytical reasoning. My favorite part, though, is when he explains that they invest in entrepreneurs who say that they’re starting a company because they “have to” rather than just to make money. He says this as if it’s some brilliant revelation. Basically, all he’s saying is that they’d rather invest in someone who really believes in his or her idea, instead of just looking for the quick buck. I thought that was a pretty obvious criteria. Did it really take him that long to figure that out?

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Comments on “Tim Draper Tells Everyone To Get Back To Work”

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stankydanky says:

Session Variables.. USE THEM!

All advertisers should use a session variable on their sites. How stupid and distasteful is it to visit a website that has good navigation, but EVERY visit to the main page you are again blasted with ads. Since banishing all popup windows I have nothing to worry about, but comon people, show the friggin ads ONCE to eACH unique user, dont annoy them by blasting them with adds every visit to the root page. There are websites that i refuse to visit because they are designed for shit!

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