The Latest Savior For Online Advertising: The Session?

from the let's-try-this-again dept

For the past two years, it seems that every two weeks or so there are a ton of articles that say (1) the internet advertising market is getting worse or (2) the internet advertising market has hit bottom and is about to get better. Accompanied with both of these types of articles there’s usually some article about some new “online advertising innovation” that is going to help or hurt the market (or be totally ignored by it). The latest of the bunch is the concept of the session advertisement which will follow you through a certain site as you click, and give you different, but related ads for the same product throughout your visit. The idea is that it will help build brand, and will also move advertisers away from useless metrics like impressions. The article reads as if they believe this will be the savior of online advertising. I don’t see how this will help get any more attention than traditional advertising – because this really is just traditional advertising… with a pattern. However, those of us (most of us, I imagine) who simply ignore most online advertising will continue to go on ignoring the online advertising.

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