Aimster Adds Subscription Model

from the and-still-pimping dept

I stopped using Aimster once Morpheus came along, but apparently they’re still going strong. Their latest move is to offer a subscription service, without any licenses from music labels. It’s really for “priority” access, so you’ll be more likely to be able to log into Aimster. The problem with such things is that it gives Aimster no incentive to improve their basic performance. If anything, they should make it worse, to try to entice people to switch from the free to the paid offerings. It’s also interesting to see that Aimster founder, Johnny Deep, is still pimping his daughter Madeleine (oops, I mean Aimee… er… Aimster) as a spokesperson for the company. For $10 more you can get a “free” poster of her as well (not quite sure how a $10 poster is free, but I guess that’s marketing for you).

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