Genius Convention Or One Man Wacko Show?

from the tough-to-explain dept

It appears that Japanese scientist/inventor Yoshiro NakaMats is not a shy guy. He has organized (what he calls) the 15th World Genius Convention (though, there was no explanation on the first 14). The guy sounds positively nutty. He apparently invited 100 geniuses (from over 1,000 applications) to appear in a Tokyo train station with him and his inventions. He has no problem saying that he’s equal to Archimedes and Marie Curie on the spectrum of great scientists. He also explains over and over agin the various proof of why he’s a genius – including his “world record” of 3,000 (count ’em) inventions. It appears he was one of just a few people who actually showed up at the convention, and he is showing off a bunch of bizarre inventions. Chief among them is the “Cerebrex”, which is a chair that passes electric current through the brain of whoever sits in it, to help boost brain power (among other benefits). He also has invented the “LoveJet” spray, which will rid the world of the need for foreplay during sex (since when did we need to get rid of foreplay?!?). I wonder what his wife/girlfriend/significant other thinks of that invention. Apparently, the guests who did come to check out the convention were a bit surprised at what the convention really was…

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