What's The Difference Between Inter@ctive Week And eWeek?

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If you were running two publications, one of which was called Inter@ctive Week and the other was called eWeek, what would you do? Yup. You would probably fire a bunch of people and combine the two, which is exactly what ZD Media is doing. What I want to know is what exactly was the difference between the two magazines and could anyone actually tell them apart in the first place?

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Comments on “What's The Difference Between Inter@ctive Week And eWeek?”

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1 Comment
mike manning (user link) says:

the diff

eweek used to be pcweek. eweek was a decent read/skim for business tech news.
interactive week was much puffier, and tended to focus on advertising and agencies.
pcweek became irrelevant when pc’s became passe, so they changed the name to eweek, and then that rug disappeared from underneath them, too. and interactive week became irrelevant when everybody realized that the dotcom gravytrain had pulled outta town.

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