Would More Broadband Pump Up The Tech Sector?

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The various problems I’ve had with broadband providers has been well documented here (hang on, because I’m in the process of dealing with the already bankrupt @Home to see what they can do for me). So, I think it’s a good thing that 3Com and Palm Chairman Eric Benhamou is saying that the government needs to stimulate broadband connectivity to pull the tech sector out of it’s downward spiral. Of course, the fact that no broadband company or project seems to be able to reach anything remotely resembling profitability might be a problem that Mr. Benhamou hasn’t answered. Also, the fact that he’s chairman of two different companies that people are questioning the likelihood of survival doesn’t inspire much confidence either. Related to this, is an article in the Guardian from a UK broadband exec who is refuting the idea that broadband is dead (as was originally popularized by Bob Cringely). I agree that people want broadband, and that broadband can drive certain technologies – but for it to happen people need to figure out a way to actually make money by offering it.

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