Search For Bombs, Not Nail Clippers

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An article in Salon written by a pilot at a major airline talking about all of the ridiculous and useless security precautions showing up in airports these days. Payphones no longer work at Laguardia. Why? Security reasons. A pilot wasn’t allowed to bring a nail clipper onto his own flight – in case he was going to hijack himself. Instead, the pilot says, we should spend more time searching for bombs. US airports aren’t nearly as well equipped as other airports in checking luggage for bombs. Instead, we’re more worried about the kid with the Swiss army knife.

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Comments on “Search For Bombs, Not Nail Clippers”

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u2604ab says:

No Subject Given

More like we’re worried about the 80 year old woman with a nail file. Give me a break. I cringe every time I see airport personnel digging through the bags of people that can barely walk — and joking with them to boot.

We’ve gotta learn from other countries about airport security. The last time I smiled at a german airport security officer his reaction was so severe that I thought I’d be spending the night in the brink.

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