Can I Sell Your Customer Info?

from the dot-coms-selling-info dept

Bankrupt dot coms left and right are looking for ways to sell their customer info. After the various problems Toysmart had a couple of years ago trying to sell customer info, other companies are being a bit more careful. Some are using the “opt-in” approach, asking people to agree to allow them to sell their data. Others are using the more questionable “opt-out” approach – which says they’re selling the user data unless the customer specifically tells them not to. Of course, companies say the downside to the opt-in approach is that almost no one opts-in. These companies are being shortsighted, because the people who do opt-in are much more valuable customers – because they obviously care about the products being offered. So, I would imagine that an opt-in list would be significantly more valuable than a much larger opt-out list.

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