So What Exactly Are XP's New Features?

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Daniel writes “Look at the quotes in this article! You have HP talking about how XP will be so good for imaging. Compaq mentions music. Dell and Gateway see an increase in PC sales. Answer me this: couldn’t I do imaging, music, and everything else on my PC already? It’s funny how the CEO’s mention things that they currently have products for. Have there really been buyers waiting for XP?” You forgot the most important new feature of XP that CNN told us about (and pointed out by our friends at NTK): Windows XP will now (drumroll, please) allow users to delete stuff from their hard drive. Well, why didn’t they say so in the advertising! I’m going to rush out now to get my copy. Delete stuff from the hard drive! What will they think of next?

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Comments on “So What Exactly Are XP's New Features?”

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supabeast says:

It rips off Apple...

XP does the same thing Microsoft has been doing for years: taking all the cool things Apple does that their users like and putting it all into Windows, and claiming that they are being innovative.

Aside from that, XP apparently sucks a good deal less than previous versions of Windows, which, according to Microsoft were great products that changed computing and blah blah blah….

XP is pure hype. Nothing but integrating some more software into the OS to try and cover up the fact that XP is really just a patch to make Windows 2000 more user friendly for idiots.

todd says:

Multi-user friendly

For homes that have multiple users working on the same PC, XP offers a considerable improvement in functionality. Now you can leave your programs up and running while another user logs in. If you have children, they can’t erase your quicken files from their login (and with admin privileges you can see where they’ve been surfing). XP just pushes your programs aside and opens additional processes running in another memory context. Very slick.

That feature alone will drive me to upgrade our main PC (I’ve been on the beta program for months). As discussed here before, their licensing mechanics are absurd, so they’ll only get me to spend money on one license, while my server runs linux and other laptops run Win2k.

Almost all other features in it are already in win2k (remote assistance is a nice pcAnywhere redux probably more reliable; worth paying for my mother-in-law’s upgrade so I can fix her computer without the painful “now click on start, then programs….”).

“sucks less” as the previous commenter said is true; “costs more” might be the rejoinder for the “Miller Lite” commercial for XP…

Asim Jalis says:

XP Is Innovative

The coolest thing about XP which no one here has
mentioned is that it integrates the web into
applications (through web-services).

As it becomes adopted by the mainstream you will
be able to acquire data and services over the web
through applications instead of through web-pages.
So YahooMail will look just like Outlook or Eudora
and not have that goofy web interface.

Application interfaces are easier to use and more
powerful than web page interfaces. All this
becomes possible through XML web-services that
come integrated in XP.

All this was possible before, XP provides the
infrastructure and so much pre-built functionality
that it will be possible for small mom-and-pop
dotcoms to do this, and not just the big players
like AOL.

Also XP makes development much easier with the
introduction of the VB.Net and the C# languages.

As a result of all this we will see a rennaissance
in software creation the like of which we have not
seen since the introduction of Windows 95.

For all these reasons I really do believe that the
excitement surrounding XP is genuine — it is not
pure hype.


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