Voluntarily Tag Your Content?

from the unlikely dept

A trade group is going to start a campaign this week for content sites to “voluntarily” tag their content to distinguish between what’s okay for kids, and what isn’t. While many bigger companies are doing so, I doubt that many smaller sites will bother with it. It’s just going to be too much of a hassle.

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Comments on “Voluntarily Tag Your Content?”

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1 Comment
gabriel james says:

we should be so lucky...

I am a huge free speech advocate. I do not want the government involved in regulating human expression at all, especially online. Unfortunately, people who post a lot of things online are not always bothering to keep some things out of the hands of kids.

I know at this point you might think I am just another moralist reactionary afraid that his kids might see a picture of a boob online and be damned to hell. I am not. I regularly view some of the most heinous, revolting pornographic stuff on the net, and for those of you who do not visit the Stileproject, there really are things out there that are far too strong for young kids to ever see and understand. People pose the argument that parents need to control their kids; and that is true, but parents need a little help. The internet is a big deal, and kids need access to it, and sometimes Mom and Dad cannot watch all the kids online at once. It would be nice if they could know that their password protected web browser could block the kids from finding hentai-mutilation-feces porn because the creator had stuck in tag designating the site as kinky sex stuff.

Really people, it takes a village. If you want to post crazy shit online, feel free, but if you tag it as whacked out, do us all a favor and please do!

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