Venture Capital Good For The Economy; Venture Capital Dying

from the nothing-happens-in-Wyoming dept

First, we find out that over the past 30 years, venture capital has created 7.6 million jobs and helped to generate $1.3 trillion in corporate revenues. Venture capital has helped people in every single state… except Wyoming. Of course, then we find out that venture capital is withering and dying. I think I have some problems with both articles – as I wonder how they determined those jobs and the revenue generation. Considering how much “revenue” from dot coms turned out to be absolutely nothing, I’m not sure those numbers are useful at all. As for the “withering and dying” comment – I’m sure some of the smaller, weaker, and less serious VCs are having problems. However, I don’t think that’s necessarily bad for the industry as a whole. Plenty of venture capitalists (even bad ones) will survive and even thrive in the next few years. It’s certainly going to take a lot more than an economic downturn/bubble burst to destroy the venture capital industry.

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