Turning Gangsters Into Programmers

from the off-the-streets-and-into-cubicles dept

An interesting article about a Jesuit in Milwaukee who started a program to get gang members off the streets and into good jobs. Sounds like an interesting program. First, they help the kids get off of drugs (almost all of them have a drug problem). Then, they have to study for their high school equivalency and get a full-time job on their own. Once they’ve had a job for 6 months, some of them can learn computer programming. Once they’ve received their training, they go to work for the consulting firm that the same guy set up to learn more in a real world setting. It sounds like they’re doing pretty well. 150 students have graduated from the program, and none of them have been fired from the jobs they got afterwards. Many actually come back to work at that consulting firm after they’ve gotten experience elsewhere. The consulting firm itself is profitable, and is looking to expand.

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