Toyota, Sony Develop An Emotional Car

from the might-not-be-such-a-good-idea dept

Toyota and Sony have developed a concept car that reacts to the driver’s emotions. At first, the front of the car is designed to look like a face, and reacts happily when the driver approaches it, turning orange/yellow. Then, if a tire gets a flat or you run out of gas, it turns blue for sadness. If you swerve out of the way of another car, it turns red for anger. The car also monitors how quickly you accelerate, how close you drive to other cars, and your pulse to determine what sort of mood you in. If you’re in a rush, it tries to calm you down with soothing music and cool air. If it thinks you’re happy, it might take a picture to remember the moment. If you take the car onto the highway in California, I imagine it will remain a pretty permanent glowing red. Now, if only they could make it where a giant middle finger would pop out of the roof… Here’s a picture of the car.

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