Online Advertising Needs To Get Better

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A column explaining to companies that advertise online that they’re killing their own audiences. Since advertising is so bad, so annoying, and so intrusive, people are getting pissed off and ignoring the ads (or blocking them out completely). If the ads, instead, actually provided some sort of value to the end user, then advertisers (and companies that supported themselves on advertising) might not be in such bad shape. This makes sense, of course, but it requires some careful planning on the part of companies – and why plan stuff out when you can just buy annoying pop up ads and have a huge (but useless) traffic boost that you can show your boss?

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Comments on “Online Advertising Needs To Get Better”

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Burghy says:


I think that you’re over-estimating the sophistication level of many internet users. While those of us who stay tuned to the technology world view pop-ups as stupid, annoying advertisements, the sad fact is that many “newbies” appreciate pop-under advertisements and think they are “innovative”.

I don’t have any hard data at all to back up my point, though. This is strictly from personal observance.

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