Excite@Home Checks Bouncing

from the ouch dept

Okay, so Excite@Home filed for bankruptcy and stopped accepting any new customers. That’s understandable. But, to give employees you laid off checks for their expenses and final paychecks and then stopping payment on those checks is pretty damn obnoxious. At least two dozen former employees say that the checks they received from Excite@Home (sometimes for thousands of dollars) have bounced. I guess they see those employees as more creditors who need to get in line. And, of course, as creditors, they’ll be at the bottom of the list of people demanding money.

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Comments on “Excite@Home Checks Bouncing”

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1 Comment
todd says:

not last

They will be first, really (second technically) — back wages owed (other than to principals and directors of the firm) provided they are under $4000 in aggregate will be paid, generally, first.

The pecking order is interesting — the government typically goes last (excise taxes, customs duties, tarrifs, and even employment taxes will be paid only after all other unsecured claims are processed).

Key thing is getting an attorney asap — filings are public and the “initial interview” is very important.

Of course, since I’m not a lawyer this is only practical advice of a cursory nature….other disclosures may apply, see your nearest attorney for more details…

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