Surrender Control

from the do-exactly-as-I-tell-you... dept

Ok, this one is just weird. Apparently, in the UK, you can now sign up to “surrender control” of your own actions. There are advertisements all around with a phone number. You can call up and sign up, and at random times you’ll suddenly start receiving messages on your mobile phone telling you to do certain actions. At first, they just start asking (possibly private) questions of the person. But, then the actions get increasingly bizarre. The example they give is where the user gets a text message to “touch two people at the same time”. I wonder how many people who sign up for the service actually feel compelled to do such things. It’s like giving yourself a mobile phone-controlled obsessive compulsive disorder. Why would anyone want to do that? If anyone really wants to do that, let me know, because I have no problem taking control of the lives of complete strangers.

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