McAfee CEO On The Three Really Good Viruses

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I’ve been saying for years that the virus companies overhype viruses because it makes them money. Here’s McAfee’s CEO basically admitting that. He talks about how well the company is doing, and says it’s mostly because “we had three really good viruses” recently. There are conspiracy theories that the anti-virus firms actually write their own viruses, but I’m not ready to go that far. I will remind folks not to believe the hype you hear from the virus companies, though. You don’t need anti-virus software to prevent viruses on your computer. Just be smart about what you do.

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Comments on “McAfee CEO On The Three Really Good Viruses”

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Alfred Arias (user link) says:


Not only is your statement about anti-virus vendors making a profit by creating their own viruses absurd but you must know that CEO Srivats Sampath is not associated with Network Associates or McAfee. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the retail sector called Network Associates owns a large percent of the stock in and is sepperate as a corporate provider of quality anti-virus products.

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