Seven Habits Of Highly Persistent Dot Coms

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Business 2.0 has a list of the seven habits of highly persistent dot coms. They have one on each page (yes, it’s annoying) and expect you to vote on them. The amusing thing is that they’re almost all exact opposites of what everyone was saying two years ago. In fact, the list could be the exact opposite of Guy Kawasaki’s Rules for Revolutionaries (which might just be the most outdated book of the internet bubble). The habits, in case you were wondering, are: (1) Forget the exit strategy (2) Niche-ify yourself (3) Aim for high margins (4) Get small fast (5) Hunt for bargains (6) Lose the visionary (7) Hire a vampire. Funny thing is that most of these “habits” aren’t so much habits – but things that are being “forced upon” most startups these days. The other ones are more obvious. I’d say there’s a pretty simple “habit” that any startup should get into these days and that’s “sell stuff for more money than it costs you”.

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