Microsoft/Yahoo Fight Over Search Traffic

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Microsoft put out a report today saying that they get more search traffic than Yahoo. Yahoo says that’s a lie – because Microsoft (1) paid someone to make the numbers look good and (2) are counting their the “unfair” forced searches that people get when they go to a server that doesn’t exist or is down. Microsoft replied saying “I know you are, but what am I?”. Well, actually, they said that both of the points Yahoo made weren’t true. I say, who the hell cares? It’s not like “search traffic” really means anything any more. How much money did that “search traffic” make either company? Yeah, it’s important, but I think quibbling over the numbers is a waste of time.

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Comments on “Microsoft/Yahoo Fight Over Search Traffic”

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1 Comment
agent orange (user link) says:


What else do you expect from Microsoft? If you have a good idea and people like it and use it, eventually Microsoft will arrive to say they invented it (even though it’s version 1.0 from them). Yahoo! has always been my favorite portal simply because they didn’t affiliate with any major OS companies and just bring the straight news. Microsoft just bundled their “search” feature as a way to be anti-competitive again. Nothing new in their strategy at all.

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