Dell, The Anti-Technology Company

from the don't-be-in-a-market-they-enter dept

An interesting look at Dell as the anti-technology company. The argument is that Dell’s business is to go into standardized markets where things are becoming commodotized and accelerate the process. At the same time, their operations and internal processes are so good that they can undercut everyone else, drive them out of business, take over the market, and still end up with a comfortable margin. They did this with PCs and servers. They screwed up with storage, but that might have been because they jumped in too soon. Now, they’re still looking at storage, but watch for them in the networking and handheld space eventually.

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Comments on “Dell, The Anti-Technology Company”

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1 Comment
Ms. Dianna Windsor (married name) (user link) says:



935 Geary Street, #410

San Francisco, CA 94109

(415) 820-1453

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am interested in finding written articles or written books, about anti-technology. I feel, after having discussed the subject with computer experts, that the age of the computer is at an end.

Also, the computer is having a dangerous effect on humanity. Because computers are placed in front of young children, they are not turning out right. Also, college students are exhibiting wierd ideas, about computers and school work and school life.

In my experience and the world’s experience, computers were only made popular at home and in the office about 1985. That’s 31 years ago. There are many people alive today, mostly the hippies from the 60s, who were alive and are still alive, who can remember when the computer became popular and actually used in the office, and in the home.

What is 31 years compared to 2006 years — a small piece of sand at the worldwide beach!

You may wonder what the college students think about computers? I went to the University of University of California, Berkeley, campus, last week. I talked to a few college students (at UC/Berkeley.) They said there was never a time before computers, there was no such thing as the 60s, and they wouldn’t give up their computers, for all the money in the world! (These are wrong and strange ideas.)

I mentioned to one pre-med student at University of California, Berkeley, that we would try a test. he would go to his pre-med class with his computer notebook. I would go without a computer. Using notebook and pen. Which one of us would get a better grade?

He smiled and said it was worth a try.

So, who gets the better grade in the history of humanity, the computer movement, or the anti-computer movement (or the anti-technology movement, if there is one?)

The reader may already know the answer. As you can see, I feel that the computer is finished, and has no real future.


Ms. Dianna Windsor (married name

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