The eWPA

from the give-the-laid-off-techies-something-to-do dept

I’ve already heard some stories about people trying to set up a “Techie National Guard”, but here’s a suggestion to set up the eWPA to build up our technology infrastructure while improving our intelligence capabilities. It is an interesting solution to two problems: lots of techies out of work, and the need to have better technology in place. Of course, this would be a bit different than the original WPA, so even the writer admits that it might not be the best name for the program. Either way, getting techies involved instead of just bureaucrats might not be such a bad idea for problem solving. Of course, it would be a bit amusing to see this go into effect – consdering the number of “techie libertarians” out there. Any sort of government agency to do these sorts of things might not go over too well – except among the people who need work.

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