Music Industry Getting Sneakier

from the make-things-worse-for-the-consumer! dept

The Register has a story about a “secret meeting” (so I’m not so sure of the accuracy of some of the quotes) set up by the RIAA and attended by many top recording industry execs, technology execs, and some government officials. The point of the meeting appears to have been to figure out ways to make it nearly impossible for consumers to enjoy music. They were talking about changing the DMCA to make it even worse than it already is – by making ISPs responsible (hasn’t that already been thrown out in court?). There are a bunch of other scary quotes in there that shows just clueless they really are. They are so focused on controlling every aspect of who gets to listen to what music when, that they’re totally destroying their own industry. Instead of actually utilizing one of the best distribution and promotion mechanisms ever designed – they’re going to crush it, and piss off all of their customers in one shot. There are a number of scary quotes in the article, but the worst seems to be from Disney’s Michael Eisner (in true Disney fashion): “privacy laws are our biggest impediment to us obtaining our objectives”.

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