Silicon Alley Reporter Is Gone

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Jason McCabe Calacanis, who probably spent more time promoting himself than his magazine, the Silicon Alley Reporter, has announced that the magazine is now gone (NY Times registration required). SAR was always okay, but like many of the Silicon Valley mags believed too much of its own hype. Showing just how uncreative he is during hard times, Calacanis said: “You can’t have a magazine about unemployed people. You can’t have a magazine about people who are taking time off.” He also states: “Having a magazine about the Internet now is like having a magazine about refrigerators. What can you say about them? They work.” That makes for a great soundbite, but is also a silly comment. There are still cool things happening in Silicon Alley – but I guess not enough for him to promote. Instead, he’s going to be working on a magazine about venture capital. If it works, that’s good – but how can there not be enough to write about technology companies, but plenty to write about VCs? Maybe the “Silicon Alley Reporter” never should have moved out of Silicon Alley and into midtown. Update: If you still can’t come to terms with registering for the NY Times, here’s a different article about SAR shutting down.

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