HP Forces Engineers To Work At Intel

from the it's-just-like-HP,-but-meaner dept

Imagine working at HP where they have this fun thing called the “HP Way” which they say means that everyone absolutely loves working at HP, and you might even get to drive a Ford Taurus (ever looked in an HP parking lot?). Then, take Intel, where they encourage something called “constructive confrontation” which really means “everyone gets to yell and vent at anyone they want”. You might realize the cultures are slightly different. So, it’s not much of a surprise that some HP engineers were a bit pissed off to discover that they’ve been forced to go work for Intel. HP transferred about 100 engineers from their server-chipset group to Intel last week. The engineers were told they weren’t allowed to look for other jobs at HP and had to report to Intel (at the mandatory 8am start time, I’m sure) or else.

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