PC Computer Support Sucks

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This isn’t really a surprise, but it’s good to see it “officially” confirmed. PC makers are terrible at customer support. PC World took a survey to find out how bad customer service was and the answer was pretty straight forward: it’s bad. Even Dell, who usually wins awards for their customer service fared badly. This is no surprise to me. For many years I’ve been a loyal Dell purchaser, but I’ll never buy another one after I spent nearly 4 months last year using a laptop (that was less than 60 days old when it broke) with a broken screen that Dell couldn’t get their act together to fix. In the end they ended up trying to charge me over $5,000 to fix a $3,000 laptop and two months after everything was fixed they accidentally sent me a new laptop. And, I didn’t even mention the tech support person who told me I was “just like a little child asking for a piece of candy” when I asked them to fix the laptop (oh well, I guess now I did mention it). Customer support just ain’t what it used to be.

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Comments on “PC Computer Support Sucks”

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Steve says:

Re: Dell Support Sucks

My Dell 8200 started acting very flakey as soon as I installed a Radeon 9700 Pro in it…I believe the reason is that the 9700 requires a minimum of a 300 Watt power supply, but the 8200 comes with a 250 Watt supply. Could your problems also be power supply related? I have weird things like MS Messenger not even coming up right happening.

Cest Hair says:

Re: Re: Dell Support Sucks

Focus on Customer Keeps Dell Thriving: San Jose Mercury News reported, “You don’t get to be the world’s No. 1 maker of personal computers without knowing a thing or two about how to keep customers happy and competitors on their toes. But in the simplest form, that’s exactly what Dell has been doing — and continues to do — even in the toughest technology market in a generation. Earlier this month, Dell raised its outlook for third quarter revenue to $9.1 billion, up from an anticipated $8.9 billion, at a time when most tech companies are adjusting their financial outlooks in the opposite direction. Dell recently found itself cut off from former Silicon Valley partners, one of which has launched a ‘Match Dell’ pricing campaign in an effort to hang on to existing customers. And this month, it regained its lead in worldwide PC sales after falling to No. 2 after the merger in May of Hewlett-Packard and Compaq. What this all says is that Michael Dell’s company, despite its roots as a Texas PC maker, has grown up to become a full-fledged technology company, one that has left some of Silicon Valley’s biggest names — from John Chambers’ Cisco Systems to Carly Fiorina’s HP — scrambling to maintain or regain the top spots in their industries.” Click here to read the full story.

Michael Named Technology Executive of the Year: Michael has been named Technology Executive of the Year by Latin Trade magazine. Michael is the only non-Latin American CEO among the trade and business leaders to receive the Annual Bravo Business Award from Latin Trade, which is based on nearly half a million readers’ nominations. According to Latin Trade’s Editor in Chief Mike Zellner, “All of the Bravo winners share a common concern for their constituents and clients, as well as a strong belief in integration and innovation. Michael Dell has successfully introduced his ‘made to order’ concept in Latin America, becoming the second-largest seller of PCs in Latin America.” Recognized along with Michael for their leadership and contributions to progress in Latin America were Chilean President Ricardo Lagos, Salvadorian President Francisco Flores P?rez and others. Click here to read more

shawn says:

Re: Re: Re: Dell Support Sucks

Your words are plain flat wrong. Dell believes it is #1, but it is a company sitting just where KMart was in 1990 or so, believing it was on top of the world. And then, crash. In fact, it has the same heavy-handed internal management policies that have brought down many other companies. It may take a little time, but you don’t treat employees the way Dell does and last very long.

J.M. says:

No Subject Given

I totally agree with what you had to say about tech support not being with it use to be. I take the computers that I own apart and upgrade the memory and processors myself. And god help you if you have a simple tech question that you want to check on. You wait on hold for an hour, then when you finally do get a tech they give you the run around instead of a simple answer. Its pathetic, and yes I own a dell and its only a month old. The last email I sent to thier tech reps basically said, “this is why I got rid of my p.o.s. compaq because I had to figure out the problem and fix it on my own because the support was ludicrious.
wondering why they even have tech support

David says:

Re: No Subject Given

Read your service contract if you haven’t already. Out onsite techs only go out there after the customer has gone through a resonable amount of tech support, which includes opening the case and pinpointed the problem. Makes sense to me. The ONLY way we can send out an onsite tech is with a replacement part, and even then onsite techs are supposed to verify the system POSTs and leaves. The onsite techs are there to install parts and that’s about it. Some onsite techs will go the extra mile and install the drivers. Granted, I think they should make a concerted effort to do so, but it’s not company policy.

These onsite techs aren’t even employed by Dell. I am, and I sort of understand about the opening the case and doing things inside. But it IS necessary to get the job done. If you think about it, it saves ALOT of time. I take alot of pride in my job because I do it well. Sad to say that, almost everyone in my facility likes to do the old format and reinstall to fix EVERY problem. When I get calls regarding this, I cringe. A simple search in the MS knowledge base should give you a direction in which to go or even a fix in some cases. Yes, the people I work with are for the most part neophites and couldn’t troubleshoot their way out of a paperbox. I’m honestly sorry that you’d have to go through with that.

Randy says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given


You sound like one of those rare, hard-to-find, intelligent support techs we’ve been hearing so much about. You also sound frustrated with your job. I have been trying to get my laptop fixed for nearly a month with no luck. I am out of patience with Dell, and simply wish to bring it to its knees. One of the ways I intend to accomplish this is by doing as much as possible (legally) to make sure all Dell employees understand what a horrible company they work for. Employees are one of Dell’s biggest expenses, therefore it makes sense to make them just a little bit more expensive. You could help in this effort. If you are interested, please respond.


Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

i will remain anonymous. i am a first time purchaser of a dell 8200 series computer. matter of fact, first time purchaser of a home computer. i heard so many good stories about customer service at DELL. well, i was supposed to get a $200 rebate on the purchase of my DELL. lo and behold, i found it is impossible to talk to a living human that works at DELL. after 8 hours of waiting on the phone (no kidding), i finally was able to talk to a real person. but get this. once i explained to her my situation, she forwarded me to another department. guess what, i was once again put in the “hold zone” for another hour. i might just package this thing up and send it back today. customer care, yea right. it sucks bad. surely there has to be a PC company that treats their customers better than this. is anybody else as mad as me about this?

Paul says:

Dell Sucks

I own a Dimension 8100… their high end. Within the first six months, I had replaced the hard drive twice (reloading all software YIKES), and finally they replaced the entire machine.

Lately, I have had both memory modules replace three times, and the motherboard. Now they want to replace the power supply.

In the midst of all this, I had to upgrade to W2k from WinME.

The problem that exists is BIOS related, but they don’t listen. Worse, there is no escalation process for customer complaints. You are at the mercy of the person on the other end of the phone.

I will never purchase another Dell product again!

Robert says:

Dell Commercials

I can tell Dell is starting to suck because of the commercials. In town we had an “arrogant, conceited” little second hand computer store. They had sales folk, can you believe it??? Sales people in a stupid little second hand computer store that rebuilt and sold used computers??
Anyway, they sucked bad!! They overcharged. I think a “sales front” is a smoke screen!
Same with DELL, those commercials are dumb. They are making DELL seem like their phone sales people go to Harvard or Yale, and even have interns!! This is a “Front”. Beware any company that tries to promote that they can handle this “Dangerous Mission” and no one else can…” “…ooooooh here comes the DELL people to save the day….oooohhhh ahhhhhh!”
Dell sucks, and I think they know it. Their computers value might be Ok (quality may suck), but the service department sucks and the company does to. They don’t want “Kids” representing them anymore, cause they want to seem “SMART and intelligent”, so in comes the arrogant sales people. ooooh they know everything and we are stupid!! Bad sales idea DELL, you are dumb…. Get off your high horse, you don’t belong there yet…

Daniel says:

Rather than simply say DELL sucks, I'll stick to t

Rather than simply say DELL sucks, I’ll stick to the facts…it’s amazing…
01.DELL i7500 Service Tag 2H0440B
Hard Disk Drive failed and replaced 1st: 03/21/2002
02.DELL i7500 CD-ROM/DVD drive failed and replaced 1st 03/22/2002
03.DELL i7500 CD-ROM/DVD drive failed and replaced 2nd: 03/25/2002
04.DELL i7500 MotherBoard failed and replaced: 05/20/2002
05.DELL i7500 CD-ROM/DVD drive failed and replaced 3rd: 05/21/2002
06.DELL i7500 Hard Disk Drive failed and replaced 2nd: 05/22/2002
07.DELL i7500 Keyboard failed and replaced 1st: 05/22/2002
08.DELL i7500 LID latch failed and replaced 1st: 05/22/2002
09.DELL i7500 Keyboard failed and replaced 2nd: 05/24/2002
10.DELL i7500 Hard Disk Drive failed 3rd 05/30/2002
DELL replaced i7500 with i8100:
11.DELL i8100 Service Tag 93DH811
replacement missing 2nd battery: 05/30/2002
(NEVER received 2nd battery)
12.DELL i8100 motherboard failed and replaced 1st: 06/06/2002
13.DELL i8100 nVidia driver crashes system: 06/06/2002
14.DELL i8100 upgraded BIOS and tried three
different nVIDIA drivers.
Piece of DELL still crashes.
This is not an isolated case…
I have several friends, associates, and clients with DELLs that
have had similar numerous problems.

cindy haines says:

digital camera

I had purchased a piece from dell first some forien personel offered a computor for amount of money and sold me extra equipment I didn’t need and I am stuck with then they said I compared them to gateway and mentioned they had a ditigal camera and the saleperson said they would sent one as a promotion then I called and called and said I talked to there personal after long hours on phone because my email had errors then they said they send it liers and fraud says it all cindy Haines then I get a letter saying unfortunately, we were unable to honor your request due to information on packing list for my rebates to be submissed well go to hell dell. I’m spreading the news also

waterdrop says:

Yep Dell Sucks

I bought a Dell Dimension 4550 with 2.6 P4, 256 Ram, + a 64 MB Nvidia G4 420(sucks). I had called dell 4 times to ask them about my game problem (long story).
The 1st time i called i got a easy to understand man who made me reinstall xp(didnt help). The 2nd time i got a hill billy girl who said “ya all know that graphics card is too slow for games”(she hung up on me w/o saying bye. The 3rd time i got a indian man who i couldnt understand and he used the old i’ll call you back routine(he never called me back). the 4th time i never got a hold of a dell person. I decided never to call support again and instead fix it on my own. I fixed everything but I am wondering if there is any BIOS that will work w/ my dell mobo because the bios that comes w/ it sucks so bad that it doesn’t let u change barley any settings.

Dude, If u don’t want to get Don’t Get Screwed.
Don’t Get a Dell.

Daniel says:

Re: Yep Dell Sucks

Consider my nightmare experience (below) with the first and last DELL computer I’ll ever buy…
SUMMARY of 21 FAILURES/REPAIRS in 24 months ( for DELL Inspiron notebook purchased for $4208.76 ):
[] Replaced 2 times: Notebook Service Tags: for i7500:2H0440B(18-Oct-2000), for i8100:93DH811(05/30/2002), for i8600:GHTMS31(11/15/2003);
[] Replaced 6 times: Motherboard: 05/20/2002,06/06/2002,12/16/2002;02/16/2004;02/17/2004;03/25/2004;
[] Replaced 3 times: CD/DVD drive: 03/22/2002,03/25/2002,05/21/2002;
[] Replaced 2 times: Hard Disk Drive: 03/21/2002,05/22/2002;
[] Replaced 2 times: Keyboard: 05/22/2002,05/24/2002;
[] Replaced 4 times: Video Card: 1/10/2003,5/9/2003,2/17/2004;3/25/2004;
[] Replaced 1 time: Lid latch: 05/22/2002;
[] Replaced 1 time: Intel CPU:03/25/2004;
[] i8100 notebook malfunctioning for first 12 months and last month;
[] 2nd battery purchased for 1st notebook is incompatible with 2nd replacement notebook;
[] 2nd battery purchased for 2nd notebook is incompatible with 3rd replacement notebook;
[] Incompatible Battery: when notebook was replaced a 2nd time, the 2nd battery purchased was not compatible with the replacement notebook;
[] i8100: repeated unresolved video problems and system lock-ups for 12 months;
[] i8100: LCD failure; LCD developed red-tint at start-up (16-Oct-2003), LCD back-light failed (22-Oct-2003);
[] i8100: Failure: Error: IDE Hard Disk Write Test: Fail (28-Oct-2003); Status: Fail Status Code: DOS DDG-D DISK 030 068, Disk: Msg: Block 7022454: Uncorrectable data error;
[] i8100: Failure: Network Interface Card-PCI 3Com NIC Interrupt Test: Fail (28-Oct-2003), Status: Fail Status Code: DOS DDG-D MINI3COM 030 026;
[] i8600 notebook malfunctioning for first 4 months; despite next-business-day-on-site-warranty, motherboard not replaced until 8 days later (2/16/2004); problem still persisted; motherboard repalced again (2/17/2004); problem persisted; video-card replaced (2/17/2004); problem persisted; formatted drive and re-installed operating system; problem persisted; upgraded BIOS and all drivers; problem persisted until 3rd motherboard, 2nd video-card, and CPU were replaced on 3/25/2004 (now seems to be functioning OK at the moment, but I’m expecting another failure soon, based on failure rate of one part-failure/part-replacement every 35 days).

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