Why Layoffs Are Bad

from the in-case-you-needed-more-evidence dept

With all the layoffs going on, I’ve tried to explain why many companies are overreacting with their layoffs – which will cause more problems in the long run. Obviously, if the company is otherwise going out of business, they don’t have much of a choice. But, layoffs can certainly hurt a company in many ways. First, they hurt morale in a big way. Also, just because people go away, it doesn’t mean that the work goes away. So the workers who are left over, just end up having to do more work – which they resent. If things start getting better, then the companies that laid people off will find it even more difficult to hire new workers. The only companies who seem to be doing well due to layoffs are companies that are hiring instead of firing. They’ve suddenly found a much deeper labor pool to pick from.

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