ASPs Are Good

from the could-be dept

I’ve picked on the concept of ASPs in the past, because I was never sure if companies would really trust their data to be outsourced completely. However, there are certain areas where I could easily see it being very helpful (mainly, non mission-critical apps), and now a study says that ASPs seem to have a very high return on investment for many companies. It seems that slowly, but surely, some companies are finding out the benefits of the ASP market. It certainly didn’t jump up as quickly as the “true believers” predicted, but there might actually be some “there” there.

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Comments on “ASPs Are Good”

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1 Comment
Phillip says:

It makes sense

This is why the company I work for went for ASP model instead of licensing software. Partly it was selfish – no having to send out updates, and no supporting users with strange hardware or faulty installations. But for the customer they really do get peace of mind. We maintain the application for them, do upgrades, backup the database etc. Not only that but when we add a new feature for someone it becomes available for everyone. This means even the most basic subscriber gets the world’s most advanced press release management system, and not just the “big boys”.


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