Analysts Defy Analysis

from the you-said-what? dept

For years I’ve spent time trashing the traditional analysts who predict all sorts of crazy things. Here’s the first article I’ve seen in a long time that seems to agree with any number of posts I’ve made about analyst reports over the past few years. Basically, many of these analyst reports are completely useless. They point out that analysts tend to pick time frames for their predictions that make them interesting to business people, but totally forgetable – so you won’t go back and blame the analysts when they’re proven wrong. Also, analysts get more press on slow news days, and usually their credibility is determined by how much they bug the reporters they know. The rest of the article does a hilarious job of picking apart just a few titles of analyst reports to get through their doublespeak and discover that (of course) they’re stating the obvious. It’s a great article. I wish I had written it.

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