A Tale Of Two Governments And Their Library Web Filtering Policies

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An amusing set of articles when put next each other – which gives you an idea of the types of governments people find in different places. Today, the South Carolina state government demanded that all public libraries must use web filters. Then, the city of San Francisco has told its public libraries that they must not use web filters. Of course, how all this plays out with the federal government (who says libraries should be forced to use filters) should be fun to watch.

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Comments on “A Tale Of Two Governments And Their Library Web Filtering Policies”

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1 Comment
Sid Hartha says:

Easy Installations

This is a real problem and even the Seven Simple Security Tips are unmanageable. Joe Average is not going to chase down or even be aware of Microsoft’s security patch of the week.

I do two things on my wife’s Windows box that will stop +95% of all MS virus attacks:

1) Uninstall Outlook and install a good third party email client, like Pegasus, in its place.

2) Run any version of ZoneAlarm all the time.

Some define insanity as doing the same thing over and over — and expecting a different result.
Endlessly patching and re-patching Windows to fix Outlook exploits is insane.

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