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I finally tested out one of those pop up ad blockers a few weeks ago and eventually uninstalled it. While it worked ok most of the time, it also prevented me from getting to many legitimate websites. Anyway, it seems that many websites are fighting back against the ad blockers with their own ad blocker blocker. If it senses that you’re using an ad blocker, it sends you to a page telling you you’re not allowed to view their site until you turn off your ad blocker. How long until we get the ad blocker blocker blocker?

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Comments on “Ad Blocker Blocker”

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Brandon (user link) says:

by by text browsers?

The article implied that the way this works is by detecting whether or not the browser is showing images or not… which probably means they are setting a cookie on the image load, and if you aren’t sending back that cookie, than they block you. Which actually isn’t that hard to work around… unless you are using a text based browser, or how about a browser for the blind?


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