Virtual Baggage, Real Bucks

from the people-need-help dept

Okay, some people really need to get a life. Here’s yet another article about people selling their online game characters for serious money. They mostly talk about EverQuest (more commonly known as EverCrack) characters and equipment. It seems that some people are actually making a living selling equipment and characters to people for real money (and sometimes lots of it). Sony has tried to prevent EverQuest sales, but it doesn’t seem like they’re doing a very good job. Other gaming companies don’t care as much. Maybe I should give up this whole Techdirt thing and play online video games for fun and for profit.

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Comments on “Virtual Baggage, Real Bucks”

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Mark says:


It continues to amaze me that people don’t understand that this is good safe entertainment. People have fun playing this game, which is no different than playing golf. You say people need to get a life, but how is this activity any different than selling used golf clubs? Some like to golf, some like to play EQ. The judgements passed on people for choosing their private activities is narrow minded and inappropriate. If you don’t want to buy a “virtual” sword, then don’t. If someone else feels that this will enhance their fun and playing ability, then why not let them do so without derision? I don’t image that those players (mostly kids) deride you for spending money on golf clubs.

ScooterBoy says:

Re: Riposte

I agree completely with Mark — in fact, I think it’s really awesome to see that people are actually willing to pay real money for virtual things — while it can be argued that the value in these “virtual” objects is completely superficial, can’t it be compared to the “value” created designer brands when generics serve the same practical purpose?

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