More On Copy Protecting Music

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Well, it looks like the PR firms associated with companies that make music copy protection software have gone on the offensive. First, here’s an article about how the new copy protection software tries to offer a compromise with consumers. The compromise is that, while you’re blocked from actually copying or listening to the regular songs on a CD when played on your computer, they’re including copy-protected versions of the songs in Windows Media format. Well, it’s a start. Then, we have an interview with the CEO of SunnComm, the company that makes one of the more well known copy protection schemes. He goes out of his way to mention (multiple times) that SunnComm’s solution lets you make “fair use” copies – though he (and the record labels) get to determine exactly how fair the use is. He also admits that his kids seem to like Napster – though he’s tried to explain to them just how wrong that is.

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