Microsoft Accuses AOL Of Pre-Writing Letter Attack

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Microsoft seems mighty pissed off that AOL might have had a hand in drafting letters that attorney generals from six states used to try to prevent the launch of Windows XP. Unfortunately, Microsoft is in no position to complain since they’ve been caught doing much worse. The angry quotes from Vivek Varma sound funny, considering the similar tactics Microsoft used. The main difference here is that Microsoft tried to dupe consumers into doing their bidding (while, the first time, they simply made up consumers and wrote the letters for them). In this case, a lobbyist who was connected with AOL gave drafts of letters to the attorney generals of various states. I think these AGs know enough not to just take a draft letter and sign it. In fact, they quote one saying that he changed most of the letter.

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Comments on “Microsoft Accuses AOL Of Pre-Writing Letter Attack”

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u2604ab says:

Microsoft Sin Resource

Is there any resource on the web that just enumberates the shitty things that microshaft does? From harassing impoverished school districts about license violations, to Bill Gate’s “What’s a web-browser” deposition, to astroturfing public support against the anti-trust lawsuit, I’d like to find a page that just lists the cannon-fodder that I can toss at anyone who supports microsoft.

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