Pulling Flight Simulator Off The Shelves

from the over-reacting dept

Retailers throughout the UK are apparently pulling Microsoft Flight Simulator off their shelf. This seems silly, and a huge over reaction. There are so many reasons why this is so completely pointless I won’t even get into listing them. How long until some idiot sues Microsoft for the game as well?

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Comments on “Pulling Flight Simulator Off The Shelves”

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1 Comment
Dave Dixon says:

bad taste

One of the news programmes on TV over here in the UK ran a segment showing how realistic flight simulation software is. The point was that the idiots who hijacked the planes could have honed their flying skills using this kind of game on a PC.

All a valid point, but we really could have done without the reporter doing a demonstration flight of flying into a WTC tower. Very, very bad taste indeed.

That said, pulling this kind of software from store shelves does seem a bit of an over-reaction.

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