Gifts Pouring In

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Well, in all this mess, it’s good to see that people are stepping up all over the world. Within the tech world and around silicon valley, lots of money has been raised and donated. Cisco, for instance, donated $6 million. Microsoft has announced that they’re donating $5 million in cash, and $5 million in software and services at this point. If more is needed I wouldn’t be surprised to see these companies donate additional amounts. I am confused, however, as to how the $5 million of “software and services” will be all that helpful at this point. Update: Actually, the NY Red Cross is pleading for technology and services including some Microsoft licenses. There’s a list of what they need in that link. If you can help by donating anything, please look at the list.

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Comments on “Gifts Pouring In”

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Scott says:

No Subject Given

Being that this is a technology news website run and supported by tech people, I am purplexed at how little most of you know about the technology you comment on. One of the Worlds largest and busiest financial centers is down and gone and you say “I am confused, however, as to how the $5 million of “software and services” will be all that helpful at this point. What are you thinking. We need to get the infrastructure back on line somewhere so these traders and institutions can get back on line.

Additionally, most of you folks did not know how destructive the CodeRed virus is and the potential it has of bringing down ISP’s and the backbone of the internet. You thought is was over hyped. Acctually I am surprised at how little most ISP’s know about this virus. I spoke with my ISP and the lead guy there said they were having router and gateway problems, so he was replacing them. I told him about code red and how it works. It turned out he had the virus and was passing it on and pinging the hell out of the internet.

While I do enjoy most of the articles you link to on this site, your commentaries and the rsplies submitted should be better investigated to give the entire picture and good information.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: No Subject Given

Scott, thanks for your points. Let me clarify my point on questioning the $5 million of software and services, which I did a bad job explaining. My point was just that they make out the “$5 million” part to be a big deal – when to me that doesn’t matter. You don’t hear the hospitals talking about how they are “donating $5 million worth of services”. Fine, tell us how much money you have donated, but I would think these companies should be open to donating whatever software/services they can afford to help – and not put a dollar amount on it.

As for the Code Red stuff… you might be right. However, the press coverage of Code Red was in many cases pure overhype. They were scaring ordinary people into thinking that their Win98 machines were at risk from Code Red.

However, partly this is what Techdirt is for. When we’re being stupid, people like you are supposed to tell us. 🙂 So, thank you.

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