The Tragedy

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For obvious reasons, we will not be publishing today. I doubt many people are visiting here. Many major news sites are down, as are sites about donating blood. Here’s the Red Cross blood donation page and a page about America’s blood donation centers. Both are very slow, as they’re being hit by plenty of traffic from well meaning people. You can also try calling 1-800-GIVE-LIFE to donate blood. The lines are also very busy, but Red Cross officials have said they will obviously continue to need blood for many weeks in the aftermath of this horror – so please keep trying. There are also numerous charities around the country that are accepting donations of food, clothing, and blankets which all will be needed. Update: Since so many news sources are down, there’s a great site at University of Rochester that has a lot of info. For right now I’m mirroring that site here in case it, too, gets overwhelmed. I will try to keep it updated, if possible. Update again: The Red Cross is now saying they have enough of most blood types… for now, but will probably need more later. They still need type “O”, I believe. Important: Here’s a site for people near the disasters today to report that they are okay, and for concerned friends and relatives to search for survivors. Update: Yet another non-major news source covering this tragedy. Has good links for those who are concerned about friends/relatives or who just want to help. Also has a number of personal stories from those in NY.

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Comments on “The Tragedy”

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Ryan (profile) says:

Re: In Manhatten

This is just an absolutely terrible tragedy. I live just outside of downtown manhatten (about a mile or two). Yesterday I had to deal with alot of people crying at work about possibly dead relatives and friends (its shocking to see grown men cry). This is something which I truly thought I’d never see, it truly looks like Manhatten has been bombed and destroyed. Its totally surreal!

I hope they erradicate the people responsible for this attack and all of their supporters!

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