Sending People With Annoying Ringtones Into Space

from the if-only-it-were-permanent dept

Apparently a company selling ringtones is offering a contest to send a lucky annoying ringtone user into space. Of course, some of us think anyone having an annoying ringtone deserves to be sent into space permanently. Tragically, these folks will be brought back. It’s actually a “reward” for buying ringtones. Like we need to encourage these people? Anyway, the article is a little unclear concerning exactly how the winner will be sent into space. All it says is after undergoing astronaut training they’ll be sent 62 miles abvoe the earth where they’ll experience five minutes of weightlessness.

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Comments on “Sending People With Annoying Ringtones Into Space”

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1 Comment
Ed says:

Space Adventures

The prize appears to be provided by Space Adventures, the “world’s leading space tourism company.” It is a suborbital flight on a reusable launch vehicle that is yet to be developed. The company predicts it will start flying in 2003-2005. I predict it will start flying when hell freezes over, and instead the winner will get to fly in some of the Russian fighter jets they offer.

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