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Fry's Still Looking At Outpost.com

from the everything-is-still-up-in-the-air dept

Wow. The stories of Outpost.com and Egghead just keep getting more confusing. If you haven’t been following the whole story, here’s the quick summary. PC Connection announced they were buying Outpost.com. Fry’s surprised everyone by secretly buying up a lot of Outpost stock and and making a counter offer to buy them. A few weeks later, Fry’s announced, instead, that they were buying Egghead.com and giving up on Outpost. Then PC Connection announced that maybe they weren’t going to buy Outpost.com either. Following this news, Fry’s said they might not buy Egghead either, if they couldn’t get the rights to their customer list. Now, Fry’s is saying that maybe they’ll go back to trying to buy Outpost.com and others, including newly refunded Buy.com, are looking at Egghead.com. Maybe it’s time for Egghead, Outpost, Buy.com, PC Connection and Fry’s to merge into one big mean electronics and computers selling machine.

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