Look At College Kids To Understand What's Happening With Digital Entertainment

from the new-habits-die-hard dept

An interesting, if not very focused, article in the Red Herring about how college students are responding to digital entertainment initiatives. For one thing, they’ve got very used to not paying for any content, and that doesn’t seem likely to change any time soon. They’ve also found that while the computer with broadband access has become a central part of their lives, they don’t use it the way most people expected them to (or, rather, the way major entertainment companies expected them to). The article makes a really interesting point, which probably should be the focus of the article, but isn’t: many of the failed entertainment companies and projects say the problem was that broadband acceptance was too slow and there wasn’t a critical mass of people who could really enjoy their services. However, college students have shown that they end up using their broadband connections differently – and a lot of that is due to bandwidth “caps” that universities are giving their students. They’re being careful what they “spend” their limited bandwidth on – and they certainly don’t want to pay any money on top of that.

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