High School Wannabe Matt Drudges

from the the-internet-and-gossip:-perfect-together dept

If you think of high school as being a place where the kids are mean to each other and gossipy about each other then, you won’t be surprised to find out what happens when you throw the internet into that mix. There are all sorts of sites run by high school students that are of questionable taste, allowing students to post rumors and gossip about one another. The question, though, is what should (or can) a school do about these? The legal answer is probably nothing since it takes place off of school grounds, but that hasn’t stopped the schools from trying (and occasionally succeeding). I especially like the one kid’s rationale that his site makes the situation much better, because by keeping it on the computer people are less likely to get into a fist fight about rumors and gossip. Of course, the threat of a fight could be a deterrent to kids from spreading rumors about each other…

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