What's After Google (Again)

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A friend of mine who worked in the news publishing business for a while once told me that when a major news source publishes an interesting but non-timely news article, you can bet that other news sources will quietly write their own version of the same article within a month or so. I think we’re seeing that in evidence when it comes to the “who’s gunning for Google?” question. First, theRegister talked about some non-Google search engines, and it didn’t take long for Wired to come out with their version. I guess News.com was feeling left out, because now, they have their own article discussing new search engines that are going after Google. Of course, the News.com article only lists two, both of which were already mentioned in the previous articles. The most popular one seems to be Teoma, but every time I’ve tried to use it, it hasn’t been particularly helpful. They say they need to get bigger before we’ll all be able to see just how powerful it is.

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